Presented at BrightonSEO 12th September 2014.

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Yesterday, Nikki Rae passed her Google Analytics Digital Analytics Fundamentals course with a 100{6328d1ca857ba0306aaadf571cc2766a239555fb75b11d9bd8bafb1f54b97298} pass rate! Well done Nikki, although after 10 years experience in web analytics, we would have expected this.

Nikki is our lead consultant trainer with a Computer Science and Innovation Management background. For Google Analytics training information, see our GA Course details.

Digital Analytics Fundamentals

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Today, Google Analytics announced that Universal Analytics now has an Upgrade Centre to enable the upgrade of existing web properties from original GA.js to Analytics.js.

This 2 step process will allow you access to all your historical data plus the ability to setup and work with elements of universal analytics such as custom dimensions and metrics and improved cross domain and device tracking.

UA Migration

Step 1

Within the Admin section, you should soon see a tool that will allow you to upgrade to Universal Analytics in your property settings.

Step 2

Re-tag with the Universal Analytics version of tracking code.

Should you not have time to upgrade, over the coming weeks, Google Analytics will auto-upgrade to Universal Analytics.

Having anticipated many questions, GA have set a Universal Analytics Forum and a Universal Analytics Upgrade Centre

Happy Analysing!

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Thanks to MeasureFest for inviting our MD, Nikki Rae to speak at their very first conference.
Many marketers and analysts do not realise that Google Analytics needs to be health checked to ensure that the set up is completely correct. Future Insight Analytics provide this service, or if you prefer to have a go yourself then read through Nikki’s presentation and she’ll let you in on some secrets:

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Our MD, Nikki Rae was honoured to be invited to speak at SMX Stockholm October 2013, a highly regarded SEO Conference in Sweden.
Nikki delivers most of out Google Analytics courses and often gets asked similar questions by SEOs. This presentation answers many of those questions and probably throws more in. Questions such as ‘when is organic traffic not organic traffic’? and ‘when is direct traffic not direct traffic’? Do you also know that most people look at the wrong Google Adwords report in Google Analytics to get keyword ideas?

Here it is…Enjoy and feel free to comment.

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My new, favourite feature from Google Analytics is Short Cuts! Previously, when drilling down for analytics data, it was not possible to save your settings.  By this I mean the number of rows showing (e.g. more that 10!), whether ‘weighted sort’ had been selected, which Advanced Segments had been applied etc.  Each time, when accessing the account, I would have to reapply these settings.  Very cumbersome.

However, Google Analytics Shortcuts have enabled us to select all the components we want in a report and save them, so they can be accessed each time we login.  Like other recent reports, they are user specific so can only be viewed in the account they were setup under.

Below, I have setup a report that shows poor performing pages based on weighted sort.

google analytics shortcut

It can be found under the shortcuts menu on the left side of the GA interface navigation. You can also store other reports that you often access there.

To achieve this, you simply need to go to a report (whether a standard one or a custom one that you have created) and click on the ‘shortcut icon near the top of the page.

For more information, see here Google Analytics Shortcuts.

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Future Insight Analytics offer a proactive, professional approach to deciphering Google Analytics data. We have been impressed with their thoroughness and diligence in bringing our account up to date, all achieved within a very short timeframe. We have received some very actionable data which has allowed us to improve conversion rates across the site.

Roopesh Patel, Online Marketing Manager,

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