Analytics Training

We offer 3 levels of Google Analytics training courses in your own office environment.

The first session is a basic course where we review your Google Analytics Reporting Interface and ensure that you understand what each metric truly means and where to find what you need within GA.

The second session is an Advanced course where we look at customising your Google Analytics to provide powerful insight, that can be acted upon to produce more business.

The third course concentrates on the more technical code and customisations for Google Analytics.

Below, you can find the outline for our three levels of Google Analytics training, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  All taught by UK expert, Nikki Rae.  Call us on 01273 480301 to discuss your needs.

Basic Google Analytics Training

  • Introduction
    • What is web analytics?
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics
    • How Google Analytics works
    • What is Google Analytics V5
    • Accounts, profiles, and users
    • Navigating Google Analytics
    • Basic metrics
    • The main sections of Google Analytics reports
  • Traffic Sources
    • Direct, referring, and search traffic
    • Campaigns
    • Search Engine Optimisation Reports
  • Advertising
    • Adwords
  • Content
    • Pages and Landing Pages
    • Exit Pages
    • Site Speed
    • Event Tracking
    • Site Search
    • AdSense
    • In Page Analytics
    • Google Analytics Notations
  • Visitors
    • Unique visitors
    • Demographics
    • Behaviour
    • Technology Reports
    • Social Media
    • Mobile
  • Goals & Ecommerce
    • Setting up goals
    • Goal reports
    • Ecommerce tracking
    • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Actionable Insights and the Big Picture
    • Recap of Google Analytics reports and tools
    • Finding actionable insights
    • Getting the organization involved
    • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Resources

Intermediate Google Analytics Training

  • Introduction
    • What does a great analyst need to know?
  • Best Practices: Clean Data
    • Profiles and filters
    • Filtering internal traffic
    • Sampling
    • Cookies and cookie deletion
    • Multiple domains and subdomains
  • Analytics Intelligence
    • Automatic Intelligence Alerts
  • Advanced Segments
    • Using advanced segments
    • Creating custom advanced segments
  • Best Practices: Advertising and Marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • AdWords advertising
    • Campaign attribution
    • Campaign tagging
  • Best Practices: Engagement
    • Landing pages and bounce rate
    • Site Search
    • Event Tracking
  • Best Practices: Conversion
    • Goal setup
    • Goal examples
    • Goal reports
    • Ecommerce
  • Best Practices: Sharing with the Organization
    • Export and email
    • Custom reports
    • Custom alerts
    • Sharing customizations
    • API tools
    • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Resources

Advanced Google Analytics Training

  • How Google Analytics Works
    • JavaScript, cookies, and GIF requests
    • Differences from log-based tools
    • Security, privacy, and reliability
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code
    • How the code works
    • Customization methods
    • Alternate tracking code (async, mobile)
    • Universal Analytics
  • Administration
    • Accounts and profiles
    • User management
  • Cleaning Up Your Data
    • Filters
    • Introduction to regular expressions
    • Removing internal traffic
    • Cleaning up URLs
    • Site Search setup
  • Measuring Conversion
    • Creating goals and funnels
    • Ecommerce tracking
  • Measuring Traffic
    • Campaign tagging
    • AdWords integration
  • Measuring Content
    • AdSense integration
    • Event Tracking coding
    • Tracking Flash
  • Measuring Visitors
    • Custom Variables
  • Managing Cookies and Tracking
    • Multiple domains and subdomains
  • Extracting Data
    • Export, email, and custom reports
    • Intelligence
    • Multi-channel funnels
    • Data export API
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