Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics Setup Health Check

Unfortunately, most Google Analytics setups are far from perfect which means that you cannot properly see whether your marketing spend is driving revenue.

It is crucial to have your Google Analytics account setup audited or health-checked to ensure Google Analytics is functioning correctly.  The following list outlines some of the areas that are assessed.

  • Site tag scanning
  • Profile Best Practices
  • Default Index Page
  • Internal Search
  • Query Parameters
  • Hostname
  • Sub Domain/Cross Domain Tracking
  • Self-referring Sites
  • Referrers from Email/Social Sites
  • IP Addresses
  • Goals and Events
  • Manual Campaign Tracking
  • Link Adwords
  • Link Google Webmaster Tools

Furthermore, it is important to have advanced Google Analytics tracking in place to ensure that you can gain as much insight into the behaviour of your site visitors as is possible.  When delivering the GA Audit, we always add recommendations for further tracking opportunities that will give you more insight into customer behaviour.


Google Analytics Support and Consultancy

Finally, it is crucial to have experts on hand to support you through this process and to help you with your reporting requirements to ensure that you are getting us much value from the venture as possible.

We are here to support you.


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